Saturday, April 9, 2011

1 Year Angel-versary

oh ethan you have been gone physically for 1 year today, to me it feels like a million years. i do have to be thankful for al the family and friends that have been there for me daddy and sissy. yesterday it rained all day, that was comforting to me because i knew you were doing that so many people could jump in puddles for you yesterday and today~~you have taught so many people to love more, to be more patient and to all around be a better person. you have done more in your 2 1/2 years here than most people do in a lifetime and you continue to tech people.
so many of your nurses remembered you today with love~~also your girlfriend kadie and also your buddy jaden who both have battled neuroblastoma with you.
i love you so much and will write to you again soon.
i love you my hero, mommy

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