Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ethan's First Angel - Versary

Ethan's First Angel - Versary
by Jackie Graham McFeaters

Today is my first Angel-versary!

Mommy I don't want you to be sad about me

You know that I will always live in your heart

And that means we'll never really be apart

I know you wish I could have stayed with you longer

But I want you to be happy and keep getting stronger

Here in Heaven I have so many important jobs to do

I'm such a good angel because of what I learned from you

My angel job is teaching people to be loving and caring

My job is easy because you taught me all about sharing

God chose you and Daddy to show me these things

And now I carry your love on my angel wings

The reason I didn't need to stay here on Earth very long

Is because I learned very quickly about right and wrong

Sometimes I have to help people to do the right things

I teach them about helping others and the good feeling that brings

That's the reason I want you to keep telling my story

You can help your angel and spread the word for me

You are doing such a good job teaching people to be giving

You'll come to heaven and help me when it's time to stop living

But right now Mommy I want you to be happy and live

I know that you have so much love to give

Daddy and Sissy need you so much and I want you to see

That you need to love them and don't be sad about me

I'm always going to be with you and Daddy and Sissy

When Sissy gives you hugs they are coming from me

I'll always watch over Sissy and be her big brother

And all you have to do Mommy is love her

Some day in Heaven you and I will be together again

And I will live in your heart until then

Please Mommy when you think of me you should smile and not cry

Because I love being an angel and I'm sure you know why

It's okay for you to be sad every once in a while

But just think "WHAT WOULD ETHAN DO" and SMILE!!!!

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