Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ethan, I walked at relay for life for you!!!

Ethan another hard day but i needed to do this. I attended the relay for life, the phil (aunt heidi's team) dedicated their walk to your memory~~we decorated the table for you birthday, we had colorful balloons, "happy cake" and lots of pictures of you!! I smiled, I cried and at times I was mad because god did not let you be a survivor!! I dreamed one day you and pappy would do the survivor lap together hand in hand!! the luminary ceremony was very hard for me and for daddy, he had to leave and go home because the lady speaking said "god gives you what you can handle", we can not hear that from anyones mouth, but i stayed and daddy needed his time. i sat in front of one of your many bags and pappy's bag was right beside you~~i cried during the song "will you remember me", i hope you do i will never ever forget you, nobody will, i tried to be the very best mommy. going to go need some sleep because tomorrow is sissy's march for babies walk, TEAM SARAH PATRICIA. we are walking in memory of you baby boy. sissy told me you sleep in her bed the other night, so beautiful, she loves you and talks to you everyday~~sleep with the angels baby.
love always, mommy

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  1. My heart breaks for you. You were a very couragious mom today as you did the Relay for Life! Sending smiles, hugs and prayers your way!