Monday, May 10, 2010


ethan aunt jackie told me she received this from heaven to deliver to me, i thank aunt jackie for writing this for me ~~~~~

Hi Mommy - Happy Mother's Day!
I know sometimes it seems like I'm far away

But I'm in heaven watching over you
And of course my Daddy and my Sissy too

I miss you Mommy, but it is so great here
The sun always shines and the skies are clear

I'm not hurting any more, I can run and play
I know you love me and miss me every day

But God needed me to be an angel and now I have my wings
I get to make rainbows and other pretty things

I make the sun shine - you can feel me in its rays
And I make the mud puddles on the rainy days!

I saw Sissy jumping in a mud puddle for me
She had on her rain hat and boy did she look silly!

I'm glad you tell Sissy all about her big brudder
Please always remind her how much I love her

I will always protect her and keep her safe from harm
I send you hugs through her, you can feel me in her arms

I told her she has to wipe your tears when you cry
I know you don't really understand why I had to die

I came down to earth to teach a lot of people how to love
But I couldn't stay forever, I was needed in heaven above

Mommy, you always knew I was special and now you know why
I'm an angel - I'm a hero - I'm your Ethan Bug - and now I can fly!

God sent me to you because he wanted me to learn about love
He knew I would feel it in my Mommy's kisses and hugs

Now my job as an angel is to put love in people's hearts
To teach them about kindness, and that love is where it starts

Thank you Mommy for teaching me what love is about
You are the bestest Mommy ever, there is no doubt

Please remember Mommy that I will live forever in your heart
So you see, we will never really be apart

And if you have days when you are sad and blue
Just remember Mommy - I love you even more than POOH!!

From your baby boy always and forever,
Ethan Bug