Monday, May 10, 2010

sorry i have not written to you in awhile, mommy is having tough days!!

ethan my love i miss you so much, so much has been going on. last week i got a tattoo representing you and my love for you. i figured with everything you went through i needed to do this for my baby boy, my prince~~~it is the ethan bug on this blog that our friend loree drew, then it says ETHAN BUG and i had the number 2 put on it~~~
right now i am listening to the songs from the playlist i put on your blog, they are sad but they make me think of you~~everyday i wonder what we would be doing together, i know one thing that we would definately be doing is hugging, smiling and loving each other~~~i often wonder why god did this??? i waited so long for you and within 2 years god took you from me. i hope one day to try to understand. when we come home from nanas and bapas house and go past the county jail, i wonder why god took you and left those criminals here on earth~~i do not sleep well at night at all anymore, all i think about is you and how you and sissy would be, she misses you so much and i think she truely understands about where you are. we go to the cemetary together quite often, she always kisses you goodbye~~
i wil write again to you tomorrow, i love you more than chocolate.

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