Saturday, April 17, 2010

An angel named Ethan,This was written and read by Aunt Jackie at your wake~~

An angel named Ethan

On May 29, 2007, an angel named Ethan was sent down from heaven

His mommy took one look at him, and gave him a big hug
And she sang to him, “I’m in love with an Ethan Bug”

He was born with chubby cheeks and pretty eyes of blue
He got those from his mommy, and his pretty smile too

From his daddy, he got his big booming laugh
He had the best parents any little boy could have

You see, God knew this boy would need a special family
Which is why he sent him to live with Ken and Kelly

No two parents have ever loved their children more
It’s amazing what these two parents have endured

Ethan’s little sissy Sarah was a premature baby
When asked if she would survive, the doctors said maybe

She was a little fighter, right from the start
Mommy called her “Special Peanut” and opened up her heart

The Loneys now had two babies within 9 months of each other
Ethan would say that’s my Sissy and I’m the big brother!

Sarah was in the NICU for 3 long months while she grew
Into the happy, healthy girl who is now a terrible two

The Loneys finally had both of their babies home together
They told both of them we will love you always and forever

Two blonde haired babes and their doggy named Betsy
Playing, laughing, and naturally fighting occasionally

I love when the Loneys visit me and Uncle Shawn
Ethan liked to jump in my mud puddle and play golf on the lawn

And Sarah, well I call her my little Miss Stinkerbell
And sometimes Miss Cantankerous when she isn’t behaving well

Ethan and Sarah and their friend Taylor liked to play together
And Taylor told Ethan, “You’ll be my best friend forever”

Ethan was 100% boy – he loved to play in the mud and the dirt
Then all of the sudden he stared telling Mommy and Daddy “I hurt”

His mom and dad wouldn’t give up, they knew Ethan wasn’t himself
And they weren’t about to take any chances with their sons health

The horrible news came in September of last year
The Loneys got the news no parent ever wants to hear

The doctors told them their precious son had cancer
We all asked why, but no one could give an answer

Ethan went through months of hell, but all the while
He kept his fighting spirit and his beautiful smile

All the doctors and nurses fell in love, but that’s no surprise
It happened to anyone as soon as they saw those big blue eyes

Ken and Kelly have so many friends and family who showed their love
We all tried to support them and prayed to God up above

We all prayed for a miracle to make Ethan healthy again
But God had a different plan, which we are trying to comprehend

God wanted his angel to come back to heaven you see
I guess God needed him more than you and me

It’s really not hard to figure out why
God made an angel out of our little guy

For he’ll watch over us all and keep us safe
He’s now with his Nana Pat in a special place

On April 9 of 2010, our special angel Ethan went to heaven again.


  1. Beautifully written, heart wrenching story! So sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the pain. My prayers are with you.