Friday, April 16, 2010

You have been gone 1 week~~~~

Ethan you have been gone 1 week today, you left my arms to go to heaven and be cancer free and play in mud puddles~~I spent time at the cemetary, I ate lunch with you and we watched some planes come into the airport, those plans fly right in front of you. I can not wait for the grass to grow so i can plant some flowers and make your space look nice, believe me I would rather have you here~~Grammy found the nicest gift today, it is a little cup that says "I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE THAN CHOCOLATE", I look at it and reminds me of you, every day and night I would say that so many times!! It rained alot today and all I thought about was the mud puddles we would be jumping in. Sarah went and spent the day with uncle timmy and aunt lori, she misses you but she does not understand. She will always know and remember you, I even bought her a new onesie that says "little sister". Everyone misses you so much.
Well going to try to get some sleep, but remember I LOVE YOU MORE THAN CHOCOLATE"

Love you always and forever, mommy


  1. Absolutely beautful Kelly....brought tears to my eyes

  2. I dont know you, but I heard of Ethans story. Im sitting here just crying and crying. Im sure hes looking down on you and his family every day. Your in my prayers.